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Hawker Beechcraft Corp.

“I must take a moment and tell you how pleased we are here at Hawker Beechcraft Pre-Owned Aircraft with our new TowBots. Since we move a variety of aircraft on short notice, having the ability to move them safely with one or two people was the perfect fit. Our inventory of planes range from Beech Bonanzas to King Airs to the Hawker 4000. The single and dual-carriage units make quick work of shuffling aircraft. They are extremely easy to operate and provide pinpoint accuracy and safe movement 100% of the time."

“This little machine has solved a six-year problem that we have had when unloading our fuselages that come from our sister company in Ireland. We have faced the issues of safety and ergonomics, each being solved by the TowBot. It has been so impressive that our sister companies and our service centers are looking into purchasing them, as well as the different departments of Customer Service and Production. It is nice to see an emission-free machine that can do all of this for us as well has help keep our environment clean!”


Learjet, Inc.

E.A. Brampton, Ontario

"I received my TowBot yesterday and it works perfectly. I’m very happy with it. It works better than expected. It is truly amazing. Thank you very much for a great product. It is the envy of my neighbors."

"We have received our TowBot and our lives are changed! Fantastic! Thanks heaps!" Just a shout out to say thank you. All I can say is anyone selling aircraft tugs that aren’t TowBots better liquidate quick!"


Britten-Norman Pty. Ltd.



"This is so cool! I wish my FBO used this. They exceeded the tow limits on my plane and caused over $4,500 in damage. With most deductibles so high nowadays, this thing would pay for itself the first year."

"I received the TowBot and used it, it's absolutely fantastic!!!!"




Habtoor Leighton Group, Dubai

"I received the TowBot and used it, it's absolutely fantastic!!!!"

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