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Radio Controlled Towing for Larger Aircraft

The Heavy Duty TowBot is the safest way to tow larger utility and cargo aircraft. Heavy Duty TowBots feature gear reduction for aircraft towing capability up to 30,000 pounds.

  • Remote Controlled, Single Operator Towing

  • Compatible with Single Nose Wheel or Tail Dragger Aircraft

  • Tow Aircraft Up to 30,000 Pounds, Based on Application

  • 360 Degree Turning Capability

  • Zero Fuel Costs

  • Integrated Battery Charger for Maximum Uptime

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  • Measures 38" Wide x 46" Long x 12" High

  • Powerful Reversible 24 Volt DC Motors

  • Rugged Steel Construction

  • Powder-Coated Frame

  • Virtually Zero Maintenance

  • Easy Ergonomic Remote Control Handset

  • Max Towing Speed - 1.7 Feet Per Second

  • Overvoltage and Thermally Protected

  • Trouble Free Cast Iron Rims with Non-Marking Moldon Wheels

  • Solid State Heavy Duty Fully Articulating Motor Control

  • Hybrid Zero Turn Capability about Stationary Nosewheel

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