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Built by Pilots, for Pilots

Two aircraft enthusiasts designed and built the “TowBot” out of necessity to solve the issue of pulling out and storing aircraft. There was clearly a need to move aircraft while standing at any vantage point to minimize the risks of aircraft damage.

TowBots were engineered to address two main points: The welfare of the aircraft and ease of use. We listened to pilot feedback about maneuvering towing equipment around aircraft nose gear doors, tires and struts. We found ways to address concerns about starting, pulling, steering, hooking up, visibility and turn limits. Using this feedback, the TowBot was born.

Today, TowBots have been sold all around the world. Once someone sees a TowBot in motion, they immediately recognize the value. This is especially true for pilots who maintain and ferry their own aircraft. We believe flying should be about having fun, not exhausting yourself with cumbersome aircraft ferrying methods.

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Safely tow your aircraft without wing walkers or towbars.
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